Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Scrubbing Down a Belgian Horse

The Belgian draft horses get their bath before the Dutchess County Fair, which starts today. (Link to video) I'm using a basic palette of primaries in gouache, and using the paint transparently in the early stages.

Having the option of using white gouache gives me the freedom to adjust and correct the shapes and to add overlapping details, such as the wash tub at the lower right.
To watch more paintings like this take shape, check out my new video, Painting Animals from Life.

69 minutes Widescreen, MP4 video. 
DVD at Amazon


Kate said...

Lovely post as usual. I too use a little white sometimes with my watercolours. Gouache is quite chalky and rubs off (although great for illustrations), so instead I have settled on a really thick, good-covering white acrylic ink by Daler Rowney.

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