Thursday, June 27, 2019

Leloir Watercolors

Louis Leloir, The Page and the Parrot
Watercolor, 36 x 24 cm.
Alexandre-Louis Leloir (1843-1884) as an academically trained French artist who specialized in historical subject matter. 

Leloir Moroccan girl playing a string instrument, 1875
In addition to his oil paintings, he produced finely detailed watercolors using models in costume.

Wikipedia says: "From 1868, he directed his painting towards the genre scenes, drawing inspiration from medieval everyday life, from the interiors of the Grand Siècle, in the Dutch manner, and in Orientalist scenes. He illustrated some editions published by Damase Jouaust, and also illustrated books by Molière and other notable authors. He participated in the foundation of the Society of French Watercolourists."
Wikipedia on Alexandre-Louis Leloir 


karen said...

Hi James, I have a request for the topic of a future post. After reading your entire blog, I'd like to know how you achieve such exquisite detail in your alla prima oil work. It is some of the most minute I've ever seen!

Virginia Rinkel said...

Wow, what detail. Do you know what type of watercolor paper he was using?