Saturday, June 8, 2019

Painting is Splashing Color

If only painting were as easy as splashing color on a line drawing. (Link to Facebook)


brbdtrade said...

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Rich said...

But such a nice precise line drawing's already half the battle won. Not everyone can do it.
Splashing: Yes!

Bob said...

Your post had me pulling my How I Paint Dinosaurs DVD off the shelf for another look. Once protecting your detailed pencil sketch with acrylic spray, your initial thin paint work could be likened to "splashing color." Yet you follow this with opaque detail work to bring the ceratopsian to life. I've seen digital artists perform this by scanning a pencil drawing, then painting over it on a separate layer (analogous to the acrylic spray). In digital you can "paint" as opaquely as you want without obscuring the sketch. Or as Rich said, just go ahead and add semi-transparent color to the sketch. I've done this to a Triceratops I sketched at Fieldstation: Dinosaurs, moving the sketch layer to the top so the lines show (that's the ultimate in "splashing color"). Not high art, but good enough for me and the Dinotopia Message Board (OMB). As always, thank you for the inspiration!

On a separate note, the "dino doodles" you have been signing my Dinotopia books are nothing short of amazing, they make a hit with their recipients. May I ask if I could share just one of these on the OMB? I've always wanted to but have held off due to moral / copyright issues.

Go Toronto Raptors!