Saturday, October 5, 2019

Animation with Encaustic Painting

Bulgarian artist Theodore Ushev has developed an encaustic painting technique for his animated film "The Physics of Sorrow."

In an interview for Cartoon Brew, he says: "The first ever time capsules were the Egyptians tombs. And they had these beautiful, realistic portraits on the cover of their sarcophagus, created with encaustic painting. Made of melted beeswax and color pigments, they stayed absolutely intact for 20 centuries. So I thought this would be the perfect technique to employ for my film. But I had to not only learn to paint an image or a portrait using this technique, but also invent a way to make it move."
The Physics of Sorrow: The Technique (Making-of) from NFB/marketing on Vimeo.
Via: Cartoon Brew
Wikipedia on Encaustic painting


Pyracantha said...

My mother, Esther Geller, was an artist and part of the circle of Karl Zerbe at the Boston Museum School. She painted all her major works in encaustic and was famous for using encaustic in abstract expressionism. It's a very hard technique to use and I'm delighted that someone is using encaustic in a new way.

Gene Fama said...

Are you warming some beeswax over there, Mr. Gurney...?