Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Joaquín Sorolla's 'Sewing the Sail'

The Irish National Museum is showing a big retrospective of the Spanish painter Joaquin Sorolla.

The show includes many of his most famous paintings, including "Sewing the Sail."

Joaquin Sorolla, "Sewing the Sail," 1896, Oil on canvas
87 2/5 × 118 1/10 in, 222 × 300 cm
It's a very large painting, about 7 x 10 feet, immersing you in the dappled light splashing across the folds of cloth, the geraniums, and the various figures, who appear to have been painted from life.

How he accomplished such a large painting on location in the changing light boggles the mind, but I assume he set up his canvas under the grape arbor and set up the scene with individual models stepping in to their poses. 

The show is full of his best work throughout his career. It will be on view through 3 November, so don't miss it if you can make the trip. If you can't make it to Dublin, Ireland, the catalog Sorolla: Spanish Master of Light is the next best thing.


Norman Boyd said...

It's funny you highlighted this particular painting James. My wife and I saw the exhibition in the National Gallery, London a while ago and it was this painting that captured my attention for too long. The physicality of the oil on canvas can only be seen in person. The laying on of white paint is incredible. I looked at the exhibition catalogue but was disappointed with the reproduction - but hey, that's not a fair comparison - just take the size of this beast alone!

Bevan said...

I can't imagine trying to tackle a painting of such magnitude. 7*10 feet is just enormous, trying to keep everything together in that size just seems daunting, but as I have heard you say before, "Trust the process."

Lou said...

If I had to choose only a few paintings to view the rest of my life this would be one of them. Some day I'll see it in person, but unfortunately not in Ireland.

Warren JB said...

Now that's a trip I *can* make! I need to sort out a nearby weekend.

Unknown said...

I am surprised that no one has pointed out the magnificent Sorolla's paintings in NYC. There is a mural 227' x 15' called 'The Provinces of Spain'. I also remember another in the gallery next door to the Rotunda. These are at the Hispanic Society between 155 & 157th Streets.

Unfortunately they have just stated a major reno, and I didn't see an end date on their website (


CerverGirl said...

Such an exquisite painting.

Platyy said...

There is an excellent high resolution image of this painting on the Google Arts & Culture app. I'd love to do a master copy someday. I've learned a lot already by zooming in observing all the details of this painting, though I would love so much to see it in person.