Thursday, October 24, 2019

Ulpiano Checa

Father Time rides bareback on a fiery black horse through the stormy night. He wields his bloody scythe, and we wonder: Who will be his next harvest? 

Ulpiano Checa (Spanish, 1860-1916)  (63 x 94.6 in.)
Ulpiano Fernández-Checa y Sanz (1860-1916) was an Spanish painter, sculptor, and poster artist who studied in Madrid and who spent time in Paris and Algeria.


Jim Douglas said...

What a truly fantastic painting! Brimming with dynamism and emotion. I love the expression on the horse's face.

Unknown said...

My god look at that horse! Great range of motion. Color selection is fantastic.

Bill Marshall said...

"Father Time", or "Grim Reaper"? Makes me wonder about the translation of the title. And if meant to be the Grim Reaper, even better in my opinion, just for the originality of that depiction of an image that is usually shown as the hooded skeleton.


Rich said...

Not too comfortable a pose for the sitting model;-)
Very dynamic moon-lit rendition - the blood stained scythe adds to the realism.

Was thinking of Yama, the death god in Indian mythology, who comes in riding as well - mostly on a buffalo.