Tuesday, October 29, 2019

CaptionBot Uses AI to Generate Captions

CaptionBot is a machine-learning algorithm developed by Microsoft which analyzes an image and generates a caption to go with it.

According to CaptionBot: "I think it's a man in a raft on the water."

The labels are generic and certainly not what a human would say. That's a kayak, not a raft.

It says: "I think it's a truck is parked in the grass." rather than a "SportChassis P4XL sport utility vehicle."

Here CaptionBot says: "I think it's a group of men playing a game of basketball." But fans know it's "Lebron James dunking on Jason Terry."

The AI will tell you when it's not sure.  It says: "I am not really confident, but I think it's a building in the rain."

You can try out CaptionBot for free. They say they don't upload or keep the images you give it.

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Unknown said...

I posted a shot of my two sons sitting behind a firepit. The AI said, "I think it's a little boy that is on fire."