Thursday, December 5, 2019

Allen Anderson's Pulp Covers

The art of Allen Anderson is featured in a new hardbound book from the Illustrated Press.

Anderson (1908-1995) created dynamic, action-packed covers for the pulp magazines.

He worked for the westerns, "spicy" pulps, comic covers, and science fiction stories.

The book reproduces original art, tearsheets, and reference photos.

The hardcover book is compiled by author David Saunders, an expert in the field, and the book is limited to just 900 copies.

The Art of Allen Anderson available on Amazon
or at the Illustrated Press website.

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Jim Williams said...

Ah the good old days when we could imagine people out there even if they were weird looking and had evil intentions. Now all we've got is collision course asteroids, black holes and unliveable planets.