Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Richard Ansdell's Collaborations

Animal painter Richard Ansdell (British 1815-1885) collaborated with other artists, who helped him by providing the figures and landscapes.

Richard Ansdell and Thomas Creswick, The Nearest Way in Summertime
His friend Thomas Creswick supplied the background for ‘The Nearest Way in Summertime.’ Ansdell painted the horses and the dog. In this case the windmill and the grouping of horses fight for attention, making the painting feel disharmonious.
A Dream of the Future by William Powell Frith, RA (British, 1819-1909),
in collaboration with Richard Ansdell, RA (British, 1815-1885)
and Thomas Creswick, RA (British, 1811-1869) 
According to a 1906 Art Journal, "In ‘A Dream of the Future’ (R.A. 1856), the figure was by Frith, the landscape by Creswick, and Ansdell put in the dog." 

Richard Ansdell, A Spanish Shepherd

"In 1856 he made his first visit to Spain, with John Phillip, R.A., and at the Royal Academy he showed ‘Going to be Fed,’ to which that artist had contributed."

Richard Ansdell, Lytham Sandhills, (1853)
Richard Ansdell on Wikipedia

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