Friday, December 6, 2019

Leonard Campbell Taylor's Compositions

In his painting Women Playing Chess, Leonard Campbell Taylor limits himself to a restricted gamut of, essentially, white, black, and red, with a little blue-green mixed in with the grays.
Women Playing Chess by Leonard Campbell Taylor (British 1874-1969)
Thanks to his skillful value organization, the composition holds together well. The dark tones of the man in the distance blends into the background tones and yet is still readable. The black dress of the woman on the far side of the table also links up with the dark tones around her.

The first picture must have been successful for Taylor, as he echoed the idea in later paintings, and he even quoted the first composition in a print on the wall behind the man.
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George said...

The first one looks so posed I'd assume its a photograph,it's got that quality to it,I'd say its too organised for my liking at least

Pyracantha said...

The ladies are playing chess and using their strategies. The gentleman sits crouched over, calculating which one of the ladies he should woo. He holds a newspaper as if he were reading it, which he is not. There is a dog under the table,for protection. Fun stuff in the Victorian world.