Friday, December 27, 2019

“Fire and Ice” Background

Here's an animation background that I painted in cel vinyl, the same paint used for painting the characters on the cels.

The idea was for the "subhuman" character to appear out of a layer of airbrushed mist and threaten princess Teegra in the foreground.

The background appeared in the 1983 animated feature “Fire and Ice,” co-produced by Ralph Bakshi and Frank Frazetta.


CerverGirl said...

Thank you for sharing—I enjoyed those previous posts so much!

Harlock said...

Hello James, thank you for keeping up this wonderful blog. I live in Berlin but I didn’t hear about the Menzel show until I read your post here. Yesterday I finally managed to get to the show. It was amazing, there were 100 pieces, mostly mix media with pastel, gouache and watercolour. What struck me most -besides the masterful draftsmanship- was the level of detail he could achieved in such (some of them at least) tiny peaces. I wish you a great 2020, I’m looking forward to read your nexts entries. Nice Background by the way, I love your work on "Fire & Ice"