Friday, May 15, 2020

"Lines and Colors" Review of Color in Practice

 Charley Parker, in his blog Lines and Colors, reviewed my new Gumroad tutorial "Color in Practice"     

Here is an excerpt of his review.
      "Many artists’ instructional videos on color want to start out running and dazzle the student (i.e. prospective buyer) with promises of color mastery, but undeservedly breeze past these important stages, the most fundamental of which, of course, is black and white, or value.
      Gurney starts there, with easily grasped exercises like comparing transparent and opaque methods of making value steps in the form of simple charts.
       Gurney has an uncanny knack for what I think of as “teaching within teaching”. In the process of covering basics, he touches on more complex concepts like like chroma, alternative color wheels, color temperature and color gamuts — not in depth, but in a context that allows a basic understanding and prepares the student for more a extensive explanation later. He lets you absorb these secondary concepts almost unconsciously as you follow his main thread."
Lines and Colors Review of 'Color in Practice'

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Stephen and Nyree said...

I did a review for my local painting group's blog as well. Thank you for producing such great content.