Sunday, May 17, 2020

Art Chat with Justin

(Link to YouTube)
I enjoyed this conversation with Justin Donaldson. I should have explained that I can't do a video chat, because my internet connection is too weak. At least I got decent audio.


Penny Taylor said...

I have the book, "Tokens of a Friendship: Miniature Watercolors" by William T. Richards - Love it!

Bob said...

Very enjoyable coverage of your career and work. Interesting how the size of a sketch or painting influences the artist's focus, as well as effect upon viewing angle and scale. It appears that a "1:1" visual scale is best, is it not? Although you're known primarily as a realist painter, we also can see your imaginative and impressionist side. And of course, the slide show of Dinotopia images accompanying the interview adds interest. Well worth the time.