Saturday, May 2, 2020

Recreating Famous Artworks at Home

Art museums have been looking for ways to connect with their patrons during the coronavirus lockdown. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the Getty Museum in Los Angeles had an idea.

Why not challenge people to recreate famous artworks in their own home with whatever elements they had at hand?

Left: Male Harp Player of the Early Spedos Type, 2700–2300 B.C., Cycladic.
Marble, 14 ⅛ x 11 1/16 in.  The J. Paul Getty Museum,
Right: Re-creation by Irena Ochódzka with canister vacuum
They launched an Instagram hashtag called "Between Art and Quarantine." They say that the challenge was more successful than they ever imagined, and it's still going strong. 
Forbes: Museum Challenge To Recreate Art At Home Goes Viral In Coronavirus Quarantine


Eugene Arenhaus said...

James, while it's nice to see museums join the bandwagon, this way of amusement has been going on for many weeks on Russian-speaking Facebook. :)

Here is the flashmob's main group: . There are some very inventive takes there.

Hildegard Khelfa said...

Awesome. People have so much imagination and creativity.

scottT said...

The woman at the sewing machine...I still can't tell which one is the painting! :o

James Gurney said...

Eugene, and the idea of pantomiming famous paintings goes back for decades and even centuries: