Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Painting Rapids in a Mountain Stream

I've got the mask and I'm social distancing, so why not head into the wilderness and paint a mountain stream?

New 7-minute YouTube video at this link

Some of the topics I cover while painting rapids in Kiskatom Creek:
• Casein underpainting 
• Palette of gouache colors
• Lay-in with a brush
• Anatomy of stream rapids
• Tips for realistic foam
• Dealing with changing light
Colors I used


Stephen and Nyree said...

It never ceases to amaze me what you can go with a dry brush and patience. I often times try to dry brush but without your clear patience, and therefore I ruin what could have been a good effect. This weekend I will visit a nearby stream to try again.

Stephen and Nyree said...

PS- I love the mask, that should definitely help with social distancing!

Michael Coxon said...

Hi James
What an amazing mask. Your sense of humour is so refreshing in these tough times. Thanks

Carlos Taveras said...

Where do you get a mask like that? I need one.