Monday, June 1, 2020

Bearded Vulture

The bearded vulture feasts mainly on bones, which it digests with the strong acid in its stomach. They acquire a reddish tinge either from the blood of a carcass or reddish dirt, which they're instinctually attracted to rubbing into their feathers.

However these carrion feeders have been known to be good human companions in captivity.

Photo via Mental Floss and 41 Strange
Thomas Littleton Powys, the 4th Baron Lilford (1833-1896) raised a couple of bearded vultures at his home estate and found them to be "tame and perfectly harmless; indeed, with the exception of a few playful attacks on trousers, gaiters, petticoats and boots, I never heard of any malice on their part towards any living creature."


Jim Douglas said...

Great look! Aggressive, otherworldly, beautiful, intimidating. Reminds me of David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust & Halloween Jack personas. I guess feathered dinosaurs were the first rockstars.

Nathan Dunlap said...

I actually discovered this animal researching large bird movements while animating dinosaurs on that short-lived show Terra Nova. I love that when they're not fully red, the oranginess, mixed with the white feathers gives them an almost golden look. They're one of those creatures that looks like they're straight out of mythology.

Stephen and Nyree said...

I showed this to my children and they now want to go see some real ones.

CerverGirl said...

My first time seeing these! Life is so interesting! Thank you.

Olymphya said...

Looks like that anime guy from Demon Slayer lol