Thursday, October 29, 2020

Hunters and Gatherers

The glare of the afternoon sun burns a vertical path through the parking lot, connecting the infinite with the ordinary. Shopping carts roll by with their metallic rattle. Loading their catch of food into their wagons, these descendants of hunters and gatherers don't look up at the sky or speak to each other.
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Stephen and Nyree said...

Beautiful prose and painting, particularly poignant is the portrayal of the "infinite touching the ordinary" in the grocery parking lot.

TamlynG said...

I really appreciate your demos! I have a couple of questions about how you use casein. Do you ever paint a painting in casein that you plan to frame and show and/or sell? If so then how do you frame the painting, ie does it require glass or anything special? Finally if you do show and sell casein paintings what is consumer or gallery response to these paintings and this medium?

TamlynG said...
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