Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Painting in a Parking Garage

I have a couple of hours to burn in Poughkeepsie, so I set up my sketch easel in a parking garage. I like the way the sunlight cuts across the ramp.

I limit the palette to just three colors (plus white.) yellow ochrePrussian blue, and light red. I call it the Iron Triad because each of those pigments contains iron.

In this video, I explain the perspective with a diagram on tracing paper and take you through the making of the picture. 

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Stephen and Nyree said...

In defense of the security guard, I have worked those security gigs before myself and had to kick folks out for silly reasons; but when you have a job to do and need the paycheck you "gotta do what you gotta do." There are some that use it as a power trip, but most are just punching the time clock until something better comes along.

That said, I also found the time lapse of the tubes of paint levitating on Legos or whatever it was quite fun, as well as the bit with the cover to Traids.

The second vanishing point was so useful but one I often try to eyeball instead of marking and therefore get wrong. I realize that I need to learn more about perspective and tones to help my drawings stretch further.

You seem to get much more range from three colors than my early attempts have yielded. I tend to paint from pans rather than tubes, and wonder if that leads to some of the results I find? Or if I need to soften my pans earlier in the process? Ideas? When I glaze I tend to get much deeper colors but it takes time and patience.