Friday, October 2, 2020

Sir Russell Flint on Harmony in Painting

Sir William Russell Flint, watercolor

Watercolorist Russell Flint (1880-1969) said: "You must aim at getting tone and harmony in your work, although it may not be easy. All pictures may be divided into masses of bright colour or light, medium strength colour, and shadows. It may be difficult to trace the exact places where they occur in a picture, but they are there all the same. 

"It is obvious that when you are working out of doors on a bright sunny day all the colours will be strong and bright in tone, and even the shadows and middle tints will be strong too.

"The opposite occurs on a dull day, when the whole scene is changed to one of low tone, when both colours and shadows will be soft and subdued. In each case the colours will harmonize and all complement each other in tone. Mix the colours of these two scenes together and the result is a discordant picture which will be unnatural and unbalanced."


Book: Sir William Russell Flint (North Light Books)


CatBlogger said...

Flint painted amazing landscapes and seascapes. I was surprised that he was also skilled at painting beautiful women.

Smurfswacker said...

Catblogger, During the early 20th century Flnt also created many marvellous book iillustrations for classics like The Odyssey, La Mort D'Arthur, and my favorites, Gilbert & Sullivan's Savoy ooeras, Quite a few of his illustrated books are on