Thursday, October 8, 2020

The Iron Triad

One of my favorite limited palettes is the Iron Triad, which is composed of Prussian blueyellow ochre, and light red, plus titanium white.

Prussian blue is made of ferric ammonium ferrocyanide, and yellow ochre and light red are iron oxides, which gives them that rusty color. Together with titanium white, they made a harmonious limited palette.

Watch the full video on YouTube, where I also explain my thinking about the perspective.


Gail H said...

I recently tried copying an oil painting by Winslow Homer and found that he had used a similar palette, substituting burnt sienna for the light red and adding ivory black. The subject was a seascape and the grays he was able to mix for the sky and the seafoam were beautiful and amazingly varied.

Dr. LS said...

Hello, James Gurney.
I started watercolor painting last week. (I have one of your books). What is the BEST way to learn watercolor? I need to view a complicated painting from beginning to end so I can see what comes first in a painting and view some techniques. What are a couple of the best books to purchase?
Are there any good DVDs?
I have been watching you and the mind of watercolour on YouTube. I sure like watching you.
Kind regards, LoriAnn Schell

Stephen and Nyree said...

Dr. LS,
I am sure Mr. Gurney's answer will be better BUT, I can tell you that I have read lots of books, and watched countless videos and honestly nothing has helped me better than getting out there and painting with a limited palette every single day. I paint ANYTHING that catches my interest. Two and a half years I was good at stick figures, now people see me sketching at the grocery store or in the library and ask if I take commissions. I am convinced that 30 minutes everyday will do you far more good an than any book; although there are some great ones out there.

Try and follow one of Mr. Gurney's videos from start to finish sometime if you feel you want a start to finish example. Start, pause, paint, and the hit play again, follow the example from start to finish and you will be surprised at the result.

That's my 2 cents for whatever it is worth.