Monday, March 29, 2021

Imagining a Hatchling

Scientists found a skull of a baby sauropod dinosaur that was about to hatch out of its shell, and my job was to imagine the moment it was emerging from its shell. 

I made a quick maquette of the little hatchling out of Sculpey and made the two halves of the shell using Magic Sculpt, a two-part epoxy sculpting compound. Photographing the setup in a bed of moss gave me plenty of visual information to incorporate into the oil painting. 

If you haven't already watched it, here's the YouTube video about the whole process.
The painting appears in the April 2021 issue Ranger Rick magazine.

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Leira Naec said...

How do you keep from getting discouraged? As a beginner in oil painting, I've been getting frustrated with the difficulties and challenges of the medium, and it's been hard to continue trying.