Monday, March 22, 2021

Janus la Cour

Janus La Cour (1837 - 1909) was a Danish painter who specialized in landscape.

Janus la Cour, Summer day on the beach near Aarhus, 1901. Oil on canvas

He studied at the Royal Danish Academy and traveled to Italy where he pursued plein air painting. This study was from 1871. 

Janus la Cour, Party from Helgenæs with Mols mountains in the background, 1875

Janus la Cour, Morning in the High Alps, 1900

He was inspired by the theatricality of the landscapes of Italy and the Alps, and most of his paintings are either observational studies painted on location or dramatic scenes developed in the studio.
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Christoffer Gertz Bech said...

He spent much of his life in the tiny village where I later grew up. His paintings from the forests and beaches south of the city of Aarhus is the landscape of my childhood, only almost a century before I was born.