Monday, August 2, 2021

Floating Carousel

A floating carousel, sketched on location in fountain pen and gray markers on smooth paper.

I begin this sketch one afternoon, leaning against a wooden rail of the boardwalk in Coney Island, New York. I finish it months later atop a stack of fish crates in Morro Bay, California.

When I sketch the carousel, I have no idea where or how I would eventually use it. I just have a feeling that if I leave enough blank space around it on the page, I might later find some strange setting to put it into.

From this experience I have learned to take along several half-finished sketches whenever I go to a new location, in case I get an idea to add an unusual context.
From The Artist's Guide to Sketching by James Gurney and Thomas Kinkade, Watson-Guptill, 1982.


Sketching Artist said...

The balloon is a nice detail.

haptown said...

What a fantastic idea!

I have an unrelated question for you and I don't know any other way to ask it other than here. I have volunteered to create an end of year video for the Marching Band at my sons high-school. I was inspired by your YouTube video titled "DIY Cardboard Logo Animation". I am doing something similar and following your instructions in the video, but I am having trouble locating wire to attach to the back of the letters. What gauge of wire did you use, and is this something that would be readily available at a hardware store? Thanks in advance for you help. And I really enjoy your videos and books.


Andy Hudson
andy_hudson22 on Instagram

Hildegard Khelfa said...

I love this! It is so unexpected and interesting.

James Gurney said...

Andy, I'm not sure of the gauge, but I used thin wire used for welding, nice straight wires about 36 inches long. They're thinner than a coat hanger, just rigid enough to hold the letters without wobbling too much.

Skadjer said...

Aluminum florist wire from an arts & crafts store also works well, and can be used for armatures.

Stephen and Nyree said...

Andy, aluminium electric fence wire would probably work.

haptown said...

Thank you for the information!