Monday, August 16, 2021

I'll be part of Lightbox Expo in September

Next month I'll be part of Lightbox Expo 2021, a virtual gathering of artists sharing demos and insights.

I'll be introducing a new feature-length tutorial about GRADIENTS, and I'll release three interactive YouTube premieres starting on September 10. 

This painting is called "Patient Companion," 9x12" casein on panel.
Tickets go on sale today, and the paywall is super cheap—You can get in the door for just $1 (the fee is to keep out the 'bots). More info at the Lightbox Expo website 


Stephen and Nyree said...

That expo looks like fun, and Smooth is looking handsome.

Hannah Baker said...

What kinda artists will be there at this expo? I am actually a digital oil painting artist from India. I am a co-founder of OilPixel. You can check my work here. I would love to know more about this expo.

James Gurney said...

Hannah, if you follow them on Instagram or Twitter you can get an idea of the kinds of artists. Mostly concept artists, animators, and fantasy illustrators, with a few gallery artists and illustrators.