Monday, August 30, 2021

Sketching a Speed Boat, Despite the Wind, Rain, and Quicksand

 (Link to YouTube) Painting voyage with Jeanette, Smooth, and son Frank in his 1966 Glastron speedboat. The goal was to sketch the moored boat from the shore of a wild island, but first we have to overcome rain, wind, quicksand, and an engine that won’t start. 


nuum said...

After all the adventure, Smooth just wants to sleep.
Thanks, Master.
Paulo - Rio

Steve Gilzow said...

Looking forward to Gradients. Meanwhile, the theme to Gilligan’s Island seems to arise…As always, thanks for the inspiration; not simply for ways of painting but ways of cheerfully persevering.

Pierre Fontaine said...

Seeing a 1966 Glastron Boat, I don't think of Gilligans Island (except for being stranded) but I think of the Batman TV show. I believe the BatBoat was built on a similar Glastron hull.

As always it's a treasure to see how your paintings come together and I look forward to the Gradient videos. You're all very brave to hang about in the rain while trying to paint!