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Václav Brožík, ( Czech 1851-1901)

Václav Brožík (b. 1851-1901) was a Czech painter who studied at the academy in Prague and Dresden, lived in Paris and became a teacher.

Smrt sv. Irie by Václav Brožík, 1873

This painting illustrates a tragic poem: "According to legend, Saint Iria (Irena) from Tomar, Portugal, was a pious girl who promised her life to God. She left home only when she wanted to attend Mass in the church of St. Petra. It was there that a young man named Britald spotted her and fell in love with her and offered her marriage. However, Iria refused, saying that she had made a vow of purity and was determined to become a nun. At that time, a certain monk, Remigius, whose suggestions the girl also did not want to hear, spread the rumor about her pregnancy. Outraged, Britald immediately decided to act - he hired a soldier who stabbed Irina returning from the church with a sword and threw it into the river."
Brožík chose this peak moment as Britald prepared to hurl her her lifeless body

Václav Brožík, Ottakar's Farewell

This large painting shows a moment in the life of Bohemian King Ottokar II: s (ca. 1230-1278). 

Václav Brožík was featured in a major exhibition in Prague in 2003, which rescued him from obscurity.

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Book: Vaclav Brozik, 1851-1901 

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