Monday, November 22, 2021

Brock's Paris Sketchbook

C.E. Brock, pen & ink, 8" x 8" (215mm x 205mm), 1902

Charles E. Brock was an English illustrator who produced a series of illustrations for William Makepeace Thackeray's A Paris Sketchbook. 

The Paris Sketchbook was based on Thackeray's travels to France after the Revolution, and it contains the author's dry wit and insights about both French and English characters from the era. 

To do the illustrations, Brock needed authentic costumes and props from about 70 years earlier.

Brock was one of several brothers who worked together on illustrations. According to a bio on BookPalace,  "He and his brothers maintained a Cambridge studio filled with various curios, antiques, furniture, and a costume collection."

"They owned a large collection of Regency era costume prints and fashion plates, and had clothes specially made as examples for certain costumes. Using these, family members would model for each other."

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Vladimir Venkov said...

There is something very special about ink drawings... I love them! Thank you James!