Saturday, November 6, 2021

Otto Greiner: Observation and Imagination

Otto Greiner (German, 1869 - 1916) sketched from life, and those observations informed his imaginative work. 

Here he sketches his self portrait in a mirror. His legs are crossed to raise his drawing board. He seems to have a drawing tool in each hand.

This imaginative etching shows Christ (at center) being led to Golgotha. A convict is bound to the cross at left, and there's a grotesque figure of death with a scythe at right.

Here's Greiner's portrayal of his drawing teacher.

This one is a study for the Triumph of Venus (1909), and seems to be painted from life with the angel wings added. 

Speaking of winged figure, here's a tall vertical image of Ganymede:

Ganymede in Greek mythology was "the most beautiful of mortals, abducted by the gods, to serve as Zeus's cup-bearer in Olympus."
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