Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Painting Main Street at Port Jeff

This is the view looking across E. Main from the library in Port Jefferson, New York. 

I've already had one guy park in front of me, so I hold the parking space open with a traffic cone. 

I  love the shopfront with its big glass windows, awning, and the upstairs residence, all set against the cool grey-blue of the far building in shadow.

I use a limited palette to focus only on the warm/cool dynamic. 

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P.D.Wulfson said...

Port Jeff was simply “Port” for us in the early ‘ 80’s. We knew we loved upstate and New England. My husband and I, now nearly 40 years on, met and fell in love with each other and New England in ‘81. Growing up on Long Island, we felt an affinity for the more northern climes.
We now reside near Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and the “imaginary dotted line” separating us from the state of Maine, and have loved our life, and raising our two kids here since the mid ‘80’s.
As a plein air and studio artist, I am grateful for learning about New England way back then. Enjoying James’ plein aire videos! Thanks So much, James! — Pat Wulfson, southern NH.