Thursday, November 18, 2021

Using Traffic Cones for Street Painting

After yesterday’s YouTube video, Chelsea White asked: "Wait, you can do that?? You can just go to a library and politely ask to borrow a traffic cone? And just... put it somewhere that you want to reserve on the street? Why are we glossing over this?? Did everyone else here already know this? I didn’t know you could check out traffic cones!!"

Chelsea, here's what happened. The library had an outdoor table with an extension cord going to it for computer users. To make sure no one tripped on the cord, they marked it with two cones beside the sidewalk. I figured they wouldn't mind too much if I borrowed one for a while.

The maintenance guy eventually DID notice and asked me what I was doing. He was concerned about someone potentially tripping on the cord and suing the library, but I assured him I would take responsibility. He was a nice guy and liked art so he very reluctantly agreed as long as I took responsibility and put it back soon, which I did.

Without the cone keeping the space open, the painting would have been impossible and as soon as I returned the cone, a big van parked there and blocked the whole view.

Usually I travel with my own cones. You can get cones at Walmart or Amazon, and then you can make an official-looking stencil. 


Bells said...

I see no problem with that, art is important.

Unknown said...

I just love this so much! Made my day :)))A certain subversiveness is so important to art.Not for any kind of political reason, but for the fun!!!

Unknown said...

That was Lynnwood Hage by the way.Im not sure why my computer moments say,"unknown"!