Thursday, November 4, 2021

Painting Dappled Light

In this new video I share insights about how to paint dappled light.

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I demonstrate a few insights about dappled light as I create a gouache sketch of the Jean Hasbrouck House in New Paltz.

Here's an example in oil, about 8 x 10.

Video Tutorials

"GRADIENTS: Color, Form, Illusion."

“How to Make a Sketch Easel”
"Gouache in the Wild"


Titanium white (gouache)
Azo yellow (gouache)
Terra rosa (watercolor)
Cerulean blue deep (watercolor)


Genevieve said...

the funniest thing i have seen with this effect in my life is during a solar eclipse. The circles take the shape of the eclipsed sun. In fact all these circles are round, because the sun is round! So during the eclipse all these spots of light become a multitude of small moons ... it's magical

Mel Birnkrant said...

James, Those falling pencils are Insane! And your casual ignoring of them a brilliant piece of acting! Who knew that art lessons could be So Entertaining?

James Gurney said...

Mel, that's funny because the falling pencils were added later on another layer, shot at 60 frames per second and slowed down 2X. So I didn't react because there was nothing react to.