Thursday, June 10, 2021

William James Müller

William James Müller (1812-1845) was an English painter whose watercolors and oils were inspired by earlier masters such as J.M.W Turner, Claude Lorraine, and Jacob van Ruisdael

His father was a Prussian scholar who curated the Bristol Museum. 

He studied botany and natural history but later gravitated toward art. His early paintings focused on the scenery around Gloucestershire and Wales. 

By 1834 he toured France, Switzerland, and Italy. A few years later he toured Athens and Egypt, sketching the people and landscapes along the way. Sadly, sickness took his life in his early 30s.
Wikipedia on William James Müller


Jim Douglas said...

Why does it seem like there are so many 30-year-olds from the past that have greater artistic ability than people alive today with a lifetime of experience?

James Gurney said...

Jim: Or 23-year-olds, such as Fyodor Vasilyev.

CerverGirl said...

I love the rain in that second painting.