Saturday, July 28, 2007

Books as Symphonies

Barry (introduced in the last post) believes that illustrated books should be composed like symphonies. The artist has the resources of the entire color palette at his or her command, just as the composer of a symphony can draw on the full range of forces of the symphony orchestra. In a book, as in a symphony, there should be loud parts blaring with color, but also quiet, monochromatic sequences to establish a quieter mood. It’s an interesting analogy, and I’ve thought that way about it myself.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, allow me, about Barry's views about " Golden Age " ... Same period, it was also quoted that Arts might be translated one in the another... let me quote Pr. Charles Sanders PEIRCE, HARVARD LECTURES ON THE LOGIC OF SCIENCES, W 1:274, 1865.

" Symbols, as such, are subject to three laws one of which is the conditio sine qua non of its standing for anything, the second of its translating anything, and the third of its realizing anything.
The first law is Logic, the second Universal Rhetoric the third Universal Grammar."
( quoted from : )

You see this in action in the Musics of DEBUSSY ( La mer ) or STRAVINSKY ( Spring )... but also, formerly in BEETHOVEN 'S Pastorale ( probably inspired by Goethe)....
Nowadays the music in certain beautiful movies act as a part of the 7th Art element...