Monday, December 27, 2010

Pester Your Teachers

If you know who David Briggs is, you’ll know why I’m elecrified to read his review of Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter.

“ Any single book on this subject can only be an introduction, but what an introduction this is! The book is very generously illustrated with his own works, plus those of many of his favourite past masters. These images fully justify their place by showing us what it is possible to achieve, especially from the imagination, by those who are willing to go beyond a simplistic approach to ‘colour theory.’

“...I'm quite certain that Color and Light will mark the beginning of the end for the simplistic approach to color that still predominates in art teaching. If you are an art or design student, get this book, study it, and then pester your teachers ceaselessly until THEY study it.”

David Briggs is none other than the mastermind behind the website “Dimensions of Color.” It’s one of the best resources on light and color on the Internet. I owe much of what I’ve learned on the topic to Mr. Briggs. For example, check out his analysis of "The Basics of Light and Shade/ Specular and Diffuse Reflection."

Along with his review of the book on a Concept Art forum, Mr. Briggs also offers a long list of links to free PDF versions of the out-of-print books listed in my bibliography.
David Briggs Color and Light review on ConceptArt
The Dimensions of Color (
Color and Light on Amazon internationally: USA | CA | UK | FR | DE | JP
Color and Light signed (and doodled in) by me, from the Dinotopia Store


Sarah Stevenson said...

Congrats to you--what a fantastic review! I'll have to pick up a copy for my husband, who teaches color & design classes.

Suciô Sanchez said...

Well deserved. And many thanks for the link.

Mary Byrom said...

Great! congratulations Jim! David Briggs is amazing . I have poured over his website, what he writes about color is mind boggling... I agree with him, your book is loaded with good information and the visual examples you offer are great!

tayete said...

I just finished your book and enjoyed every page of it.
Now I have to restart it again to embed its knowledge deeply in my brain.

Salvador said...

I went out and purchased this book recently, its been tremendously helpful and insightful thus far. Many thanks.