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More reviews of "How I Paint Dinosaurs"

Illustration magazine has published a review of my video "How I Paint Dinosaurs" in its first issue of 2014.
DIY Lego-powered motion control camera dolly, running on dollar-store broomsticks, used for tracking shots
"If you've ever wondered how a master illustrator creates a painting from start to finish, James Gurney's new DVD is a wonderful demonstration of the process. Filmed over the course of a few months as Gurney worked on two assignments for Scientific American magazine, this lovingly edited and beautifully photographed film follows Gurney every step of the way as he conducts research, makes thumbnail sketches, constructs maquettes, prepares line drawings, and paints his final pictures in oil."

"Rather than work with an outside film crew to produce his DVD, the artist took it upon himself to helm the entire production, and I think it shows in the intimacy and clarity of the final presentation. You really feel like you're there with the artist as he's showing you his methods, and it's fascinating to watch over his shoulder as the paintings take shape. I don't think a film crew could have captured everything in nearly as much detail as Gurney himself has been able to achieve. Extras on the DVD include a slideshow of Gurney's dinosaur art, an insert print of one of the paintings, and a bonus feature on brushwork."

Other reviews
"Presented in a clear and thoughtful manner, James Gurney reveals that there is no mystery to bringing the prehistoric back to life! The process of research, drawing, and maquette building by a master who has great knowledge and passion for his subject matter will be especially invaluable to any artist aspiring to raise their work to a higher level."
Jerry LoFaro, Illustrator and teacher, New Hampshire Institute of the Arts

“James Gurney is a modern-day Meissonier and the techniques he shows in 'How I Paint Dinosaurs' closely follow those of the earlier master. The creation and use of maquettes is clearly presented, as is James' discussion of materials, lighting and color. Whether you are interested in painting dinosaurs or not, there is much to learn from this wonderful DVD.”
Darren R. Rousar, Artist, author and teacher.

"James Gurney once again shares his masterful knowledge and creative imagination, giving us a glimpse into his own dinosaur kingdom."
Jason Dowd, Professor, Laguna College of Art

"For any art student or beginning illustrator wanting to learn how to create realistic scenes from one's imagination this inexpensive DVD is a gold mine of information and learning!"
Christopher Leith Evans, Head of Matte Painting Department, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

"James Gurney's 'How I Paint Dinosaurs' is not only a fascinating look into a master-illustrator's creative and technical process, it outlines fundamental techniques useful to any artist interested in infusing their work with life-like authenticity."
John-Paul Balmet, Concept Designer

"James Gurney has the ability to create rich and vivid imagery of creatures and environments long lost to us. He is nothing short of inspirational and humbling."
Le Tang, Story artist at Dreamworks Animation Studios & co-author of the Battlemilk book series

"This has to be one of the most informative and imaginative approaches to bringing painting instruction to students and professionals alike I have ever seen! The narrative is clear, concise and inspiring. The academic methods as seen from the “over-the-shoulder” cinematography provide us all with instruction which would otherwise require a trip back to the nineteenth century and a class with Les Animaliers. This video will certainly be viewed by all my Constructive Anatomy and Scientific Illustration students!"
Paul Hudson, formerly SCAD, Accademia della Natura

"What a privilege to have the man himself show us how he works, with demos and time-lapse and close-ups and as many bits of wisdom on one DVD as you'd get in a week-long workshop."
Marshall Vandruff

“If ever there was going to be an instruction DVD for art students on how to draw/paint from your imagination, this is it! Mr. Gurney’s “How I Paint Dinosaurs” (never mind that it’s dinosaurs) is a must for any young artist who needs a process for putting their ideas on paper or canvas.”
Fernando Freitas, Director, Academy of Realist Art, Toronto

"James Gurney’s blog, books, and videos are probably the best art education available anywhere. The lessons, tips, and insights he provides to artists are as useful for digital media as they are for traditional media."

“Two big thumbs up.”
C. F. Payne, illustrator and professor, Columbus College of Art and Design

“Who needs a time machine to see life in the Mesozoic? Just let Jim paint it for you. Here is how True Magic is done. Now it is your turn to learn to make magic.”
—Michael K. Brett-Surman, PhD., co-editor of The Complete Dinosaur (Life of the Past)

"Gurney’s approach is comprehensive and understandable. Painters of all stripes will glean valuable insights not found elsewhere. This DVD will occupy a prime spot in my library."
—Brad Teare, Thick Paint Blog

“‘How I Paint Dinosaurs’ is a dynamic look inside of the techniques and mind of a modern-day master of light and form. In this video, James demystifies the steps he takes towards completion of two illustrations utilizing, thumbnails, maquettes, drawing and a great deal of research to achieve gorgeous and a scientifically accurate oil painted pieces. He manages to compress and distill the steps into a dense 56 minute video for enjoyment and perusal by all in a proficiently precise manner. Anyone interested in making or observing better images should make it a purchase.”
—Sidebar Nation

"Saw the DVD and loved it. He takes you through his whole process from concept to final. I liked seeing how he built his maquette and used it as part of the creative process. Great to see how free he is in every stage to experiment with ideas and make changes. Makes me want to go paint dinosaurs.”
Stan Prokopenko

"Gurney not only knows dinosaurs but is a master painter of light and shadow, and he shares his techniques in an easily understandable and informal way. I learned much from watching this.”
—Mark Hallett, paleoartist

"’How I Paint Dinosaurs’ by James Gurney is a superb adventure into the world of hands-on professional illustration; using dinosaurs as the vehicle, it packs an entire art school into one engaging, thoroughly entertaining package."
—Terryl Whitlatch, creature designer and concept artist

"Even though it's called 'How I Paint Dinosaurs', it should really be called 'How I Paint Stuff', as all the techniques are applicable to any form of fantasy art."
—Dan Dos Santos, illustrator and contributor to the Muddy Colors blog

"In this day and age of speed paintings and photo bashed images, ‘How I Paint Dinosaurs’ is a refreshing reminder of the value of a well researched, studied, and executed piece of art. I highly recommend any artist, be they dinosaur lovers or no, to watch this DVD and replenish their artistic soul."
—Jackson Sze, Senior Concept Illustrator at Marvel Studios
Wow! Thanks to all my respected colleagues for your generous words, and to my customers for supporting my work in video.  --J. G.

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Illustration is the leading magazine about the history of American illustration, and the new issue has features on Henry Patrick Raleigh and Victor Kalin.

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