Monday, April 17, 2017

Metro North App is Here

(Link to trailer on YouTube)

The Living Sketchbook, Volume 2: Metro North app is now available. It's a complete immersion into my recent sketchbook, with high-res scalable images of every page, plus audio commentary and behind-the-scenes videos, all for just $4.99.

Here's what customers are saying already:
"So much eye candy and information for the price of a fancy coffee!"
"Boom. That was easy. Spent more than that on a beer yesterday!"
—Rock P.
Pick up a copy of Metro North for yourself. Three versions to suit your device:


Unknown said...

James, I notice that some videos shown on Gurney Journey are not on Metro North, yet you refer to them in the audio (I'm thinking of the ice in glass painting). Is this a problem with my app download?

James Gurney said...

Simon, yes, in order to get all the data to fit into an app (high res files, videos, and audio), we had to tighten everything a little. In the case of the ice water painting, the longest form version of that one is on YouTube here:

Unknown said...

James, thanks and understood. I love the apps and your youtube posts. You'll hear this a lot I'm sure but I have been inspired and informed by your sketching, so thanks again.

Frank Gabriel said...

I just bought the PDF+ version, and was wondering whether there any plans to release a PDF+ edition of "Boyhood Home" for those of us without ipads.

Unknown said...

Hi, so sorry to bother you but I've tried all your suggestions for getting the sound to work, and it still doesn't work on my phone. I have an iPhone 11. Is there anything else I can do? Thank you.

James Gurney said...

Unknown, if you would email me, I'd be happy to troubleshoot it with you. My email is at the left, bottom of the GJ blog.