Sunday, April 22, 2018

Side by Side Demos

The Portrait Society Conference features many painting demos, where the artists paint models in oil during a 2-3 hour period, commenting as they go.

Daniel Gerhartz demo at the Portrait Society
Two cameras record the painting and the model, and project the images side by side, so you can really see what the artist is seeing. Here's a demo by Daniel Gerhartz.

Later, Jeff Hein painted Matteo Caloiaro.


R. A. Davies said...

Jim, I don't see a demo posted for either of these. Am I missing something?

James Gurney said...

Not sure if it's clear, but the oil demo is on the left and the model that they're looking on is on the right of each image.

James Gurney said...

I think I see what you mean. All you're seeing in this post is close to the final stage of the demo. To watch the whole thing you'd have to either attend the conference, one of their workshops, or videos.

R. A. Davies said...

I see. I'd hoped for a video!