Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Sorolla's Gouache Pigments

El Pan de Fiesta (Castilla) by Joaquín Sorolla
Joaquín Sorolla (1863-1923) used gouache to plan his Provinces of Spain murals (part of the finished mural above).

Some of the gouache preliminaries Provinces of Spain.

According to scientists who studied these gouache sketches, Sorolla used the following pigments:
Lead and zinc white, vermillion, earth pigments, ochre, zinc yellow, chrome yellow, ultramarine, Prussian blue, chromium based and copper–arsenic based green pigments, bone black and carbon based black pigments, and gum arabic as binding media in the gouache pigments. 
Analysis of pigments from Spanish works of art using a portable EDXRF spectrometer


Greg Prosmushkin said...

Thanks for sharing. These are some great paintings. I always like looking at older art, when they used different ideas on how to make a color to look like a dark or lighter version of it. A lot of hard work and time was put into these. Have a great day.
Greg Prosmushkin

Charley Parker said...

Wonderful! Thanks.