Monday, April 22, 2019

Background Painting for Fire and Ice

Today on Ebay, there's a background painting for the 1983 Bakshi/Frazetta animated film Fire and Ice. The original painting is rendered with brush and airbrush in cel vinyl paint on board, 12.5" x 16"  by James Gurney.

In the film, an animated layer of bright red lava spews out from the volcano gargoyle.
Ebay link Fire and Ice background painting by James Gurney.
Fire and Ice (Two-Disc Limited Edition)


Steve said...

The $2,995 asking price prompts a couple subjects of contemplation: what the young James Gurney was paid to create the original artwork, as well as the art market reality of a living artist being unable to participate in/benefit from the increased valuation of their work.

Greg said...

No... it just means Ralph Bakshi is running out of money. Both he and Frank Frazetta's granddaughters are exploiting Frank's legacy. I unfollowed both on IG. The world thought "Frank Jr" was bad when he tried to steal his fathers paintings, but now it's a free for all. ��‍♂️

James Gurney said...

Steve, I was paid union rates at the time, which seemed generous to me. As you surmised, I don't benefit financially from this sale. More power to whoever does benefit from selling it. I have never expected to participate in the benefit of any sale of my movie studio work.

Greg, I don't know about the Frazetta descendants, but I don't think it's accurate to suggest that Ralph or his descendants are exploiting anyone or selling art out of desperation. Ralph is still with us, still creating art and animation. All artists and their kids are entitled to sell their work for whatever reasons. I for one give respect to Ralph for being a lonely champion of animation for adults when most of the animation industry in America seemed to regard animation a commercial vehicle for selling kids' toys.

Steve said...

I’d guessed you were paid something like union scale — and happy to get it — at that phase of your life, Jim. And I don’t mean to suggest you were underpaid or should receive compensation now; I was just reflecting on the economic dynamics. I’m not suggesting there is something flawed or unfair about this situation, it’s just interesting to contemplate work — in any field — produced for one cost and sold later for a very different one. It bears some similarities to homes built 30 years ago in markets that have boomed...say, San Francisco. The builders of those houses took home one size of paycheck, the sellers of the house now take home a very different one — with no reason to share their good fortune with the original builder.

Lou said...

Any idea how much of this material survived to this day? I know much of this kind of work was tossed in the dumpster after production. It would seem based on the price that's there's not a lot of it out there.
It makes me sad to think of all the original work from comics, illustration, animation and the like that wasn't valued in those days.
I do believe that whatever's left out there is as valuable as the demand dictates. I can't afford it but more power to whomever can. That said however I'm not fond of speculators who will buy art (in all its forms) and stick it away unseen for 10-20 years only to pull it out and sell to the next speculator who repeats.

Paul S said...

Wow...James Gurney and Frank Frazetta are two of my favorite artists and I never knew you worked together! Thanks for sharing!

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