Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Studies for Dagnan Bouveret's "Breton Women at Pardon"

Study and finish for Breton Women at a Pardon by Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret.

"Study for Women at a Pardon, 1887. Black ink, pencil, charcoal. 
Sketch for the two women on conversation to the far right."

According to Wikipedia, "There are many known photographic studies and drawings both for the Breton series in general, and this work in particular. One photograph shows a grassy area in which the artist had a friend pose, another a view of the church seen here in the background, complete with the festival flags protruding from the lower spire."

Photograph of Dagnan at his easel while his wife
poses in Breton costume. Taken in 1886 
"Woman in Breton Costume Seated in a Meadow, c 1887,
an oil on canvas study for the central outward looking figure."

"1887 photographic study of the group, including the standing men"
Dagnan's easel on rails
Using photo reference


Rich said...

Very interesting post.
The way this thing evolved - I'd almost prefer the first sketch to the final product, colorwise as well. In the final phase it turned to black & white, which may be owed to the costumes, though.

Penny Taylor said...

Studies. When I was little I didn't understand the concept of protective gear for football players. (Yes, football again) I thought all football players had huge shoulders & small butts. None of the boys in my kindergarten class were built like that, so I told my dad none of them would be football players. In the world of art, I spent a good deal if many years thinking artists just sat down & drew or painted masterpieces. The concept of doing light studies, color studies, composition studies, Notan studies just never occured to me. All that work. Your lessons give me depth, James Gurney. Being things into focus. (I actually no Notan from a Diane Mize video which I ended up subscribing to because I saw you followed her. I figured if James Gurney took the time to follow her she must be good. In any case, I don't just sit down to paint and expect perfection the first go 'round anymore. That's such a relief.😌

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