Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Sci-Fi Art Auction Today

Aliens, spaceships, dinosaurs, monsters, and scantily-clad women in captivity!
Earle K. Bergey (American, 1901-1952)
Shadow Over Mars, Startling Stories cover, Fall 1944
Oil on canvas, 26 x 18 in.
Today and tomorrow Heritage Auctions is selling a big collection of science fiction art and ephemera.

John Conrad Berkey (American, 1932-2008).
Run to the Stars paperback cover, 1986. Acrylic on board
The sale includes works by John Berkey, John Schoenherr, Ed Valigursky, Jeff Jones, Kelly Freas, Earle Bergey, and many others.

Virgil Finlay (American, 1914-1971)
Reader, I Hate You, Super Science Stories cover, May 1943
Acrylic on board
Advance bidding has already started, and the first round of the live auction starts today at noon, Dallas time.
2019 August 13 - 14 The Glynn and Suzanne Crain Science Fiction Collection Signature Auction - Dallas


madillstudio said...

A treasure trove of illustration expertise, thanks for sharing!

Paul Sullivan said...

James—I believe the medium stated on the illustration by Virgil Findlay is incorrect. I started using acrylics in 1957 or 58 not long after they were introduced. At that time acrylics were only sold in jars. Some excellent illustrators were good enough to show me how to use them. At the time we thought of them as magic.

The work by John Berkey is in a league of its own. He was truly an excellent illustrator!—Paul

James Gurney said...

Paul, I'm sure you're right. It's hard for the folks at the auction house to tell by just looking at the paintings. I wonder if anyone would know what medium a Virgil Finlay from 1943 is likely to be painted in.

Rich said...

"Scantily-clad women in captivity" :o) Thriller;-)-those were the times, ha ha.

I wonder what prices Berkey's pictures shall fetch.
Pretty high ones, I hope.

Penny Taylor said...

I have never viewed an online auction before for art or anything else. This is really cool. But I'm afraid to touch my keyboard when I'm on the site (silly, I know) but still afraid I'd accidently buy something.

StratoArt said...

I've always loved John Conrad Berkey's work.

Max R. Sims said...

Thanks so much for this. I spent hours pouring over the John Berkey painting which can be viewed up close in the viewer. I learned SO MUCH relishing the details of his abstract painting strokes. A genius just like you!