Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Lightbox Expo in September

Virus willing, I'll be enthusiastically taking part in Lightbox Expo, a first rate gathering of illustrators, concept artists, and others in the field of imaginative realism. It's six months from now, September 11-13 in Pasadena, CA.
LightBox Expo website


Terziah said...

I am just wondering-it has been a long time, but I worked at Old Sturbridge Village from 1985-1991. One day a man came through who was sketching in Charcoal. He asked if he could sketch me. It was a warm early spring day and I was sitting outside one of the houses on the ground. There may have been a cat there. The man finished the drawing and gave it to me. Could this have been you? Even if it wasn't I have one of your posters signed and framed prominently displayed in our house. And I can't forget that we practically had the Dinotopia books memorized with our then 5 year old. I remember reading this to him in the back of a minivan as we drove to Florida from Connecticut. In any case you have brought joy to our lives.

James Gurney said...

Terziah, that's funny. I did go sketching at Sturbridge during that interval, but it could have been someone else.

Penny Taylor said...

I am sooo jazzed. You'll only be two train rides and two (or three buses away). I'll be there with bells on. I am currently working hard on a virus cure so that NOTHING will get in the way of this adventure. ;-)

Blitz55 said...

I'm really stoked that you'll be there. We just got our tickets to the show, we were there last year and it was an outstanding experience. An entire convention around artists and creators, it doesn't get much better than that. Got a chance to talk with Mike Mignola when he was there and he was so happy to be at a convention where people were interested in what kinds of paints, brushes, and process he worked with. I got a kick out of that, I assume he is mostly just answering questions about comic books and Hell Boy.

Look forward to meeting you at this show, I think you'll have a great time.