Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fire Engine, Part 1 of 5 Postings

What would a Dinotopian fire engine look like?

While I was working on Journey to Chandara my friend Ernesto Bradford asked me that question. Ernesto Bradford happens to be the senior product specialist for E-1, the top firm that designs and builds modern fire engines. Here he is beside the brand new "Quest" model, which he helped create.

I told Ernesto that I had done a little marker sketch a while ago. I dug it out of an old file folder and showed it to him. He looked at it very carefully and rubbed his chin. “Very nice,” he said politely, “but it would never work.”Please post a comment and list the reasons why you think my design wouldn’t work. Have all your comments in by Tuesday morning and then I’ll tell you what Ernesto said.

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LJay said...

Well, I would think that the reel of hose on the Brachiosaur's back would fail because the high pressure water would expand the hose and cut off water flow. You would also lose a great deal of pressure from the excess hose.


Anonymous said...

I agree about the hose. I think a fire-hose has to be unrolled fully when in use, but I'm no expert.

I bet his reasons were something like "there are no dinosaurs around"! ^_~

Colin said...

Yeah, the reel would cut off the pressure from the pump...

K_tigress said...

Perhaps a Mammoth character would be better for this. I mean they already have a built in high pressure hose. ;) Then again you could have a Brach work as a team but it would only carry the latter and have a cabin on the back to carry the fire crew.

Donna said...

I see what they mean about the hose, but, not being much of an engineer, my first thought was that the big guy would out run the little guy and the little guy would be toppled over and dragged. Love 'em though!