Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Meet Jeanette

Here’s my wife Jeanette doing what she loves most: sitting outdoors with a sketchbook. We met as sketching buddies at Art Center College of Design. For our perspective class we had to go outside to draw from life, so we spent many hours side by side on street corners trying to capture a scene or a character. We’d treat ourselves afterward with a coffee and muffin at a diner. We haven’t changed one bit since then.


K_tigress said...

Oh wow. Love the upgrade to your site and you got a new blog too. Cool! Been a fan of your illustrations since I first spotted your calendar some time in the early 90's during the Christmas holidays, then in collage and few years later on the net when I was taking a course of graphic design. As always love to keep track of your latest work because it always a feast for the eyes. Your artwork always inspires my own, that and some of my other favourite illustrators and animations. LOL
Keep up the great stuff, from one kid at heart to another. :)

NBWAL said...

Namaste Gurney,

As an instant response to your email, conveying the REVAMP of your website...

I have to appreciate your APPROACH, attending every detail of the website...especially the module of FAQs of Artist's.

Of course, your every single art work (even a sketch) is an inspiration to all of us, artists.

I am impressed with the simple and neat presentation of your website.

Awaiting your new book in October..and lot more sketches as you do every day....