Friday, August 24, 2007

Fire Engine, Part 5 of 5

Finally, I set up a little diorama of the dinosaur with its modular cab, and placed some figures along the ground. What I'm looking for is the quality of light and shadow.

For the final painting in oil I changed a lot of the details, but having seen an actual model it was easier for me to imagine the real scene.

To thank my friend Ernesto Bradford for his contribution to the design of the fire equipment, I asked him to pose for the fire chief. He sent a roll of photos of himself in various poses and lightings. If you study the photo and the painting together you'll notice a lot of little adjustments to develop the character of Igneus Vinco, which means "conqueror of fire."

Dinotopian Fire Engine
Fire Engine, Part 1
Fire Engine, Part 2
Fire Engine, Part 3
Fire Engine, Part 4
Fire Engine, Part 5


Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you so much for sharing your process with us! It's just fascinating.

Unknown said...

Oh wow, Ernesto is so lucky to have a place in the Dinotopian world, what an honour!

K_tigress said...

Love this stuff. Those models you make would be great for designing toys as well. What little kid would not want the best of both worlds.