Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fire Engine, Part 4 of 5

To make a painting look three dimensional, I have to start with something real in front of me. That way I can light it with a real light and see where the shadows go. I had sculpted a little brachiosaur head and saddle years ago from Sculpey and leather. On top of that I added hoses and attachments from modeling clay and used an action figure for the firefighter.

Based on that model, I worked up the painting (about six inches tall) of the head gear.

For the modular cab, I used a piece of old mat board and hot glue. The warm light from the right suggests a fire is happening nearby.
Here's the painting of the cab with riders. I put lots of hand grips around the cab because of the amount of swinging that would happen on the way to the fire.

An here I am, my own cheapest model, posing with a Russian hat. Since there was no one around in the studio, I shot the reference using a self-timer.

Check again tomorrow for the full dinosaur and the fire chief.

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