Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Art By Committee Results

We've been playing an occasional group sketch game called "Art By Committee," where I share an an actual excerpt taken out of context from a science fiction manuscript and we see how a few of us mad illustrators put a picture to it. Below is another example taken from the original sketchbook.

What follows are the zany, witty, and wonderful sketches that you all came up with for the line: "I never understood why you were with him in the first place," followed by the one that originally appeared in my book. Thanks again for contributing. Let's take a break for a week because I'm on the road, but I'll toss out another line in the future.
Austin Madison

Arthur Keegan
Topher Sipes

Sarah Stevenson

Michael Dambold
Matthew Kalamidas

Jen Zeller

Davis Ottoson
Dan Pinto

...and the Coffeeshop Clan--Jeanette, Me, and James Warhola

Tomorrow: Politics, Prose, and Painting


Anonymous said...

Oh, wonderful, wonderful!!
I particularly love that fridge, and the Minnie/Daisy and Alien sketches. Thanks for sharing, everyone!

Michael Damboldt said...

These are great!! The last one is perfect, down to the 80's hair and earrings!

Sarah Stevenson said...

I have to admit I'm a fan of the puffer-fish head! But I loved all of them. This is a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

I drew something but forgot to send it in because I'm trying to study for a midterm. Shoot!

These were awesome! =)

Kevin Hedgpeth said...

Fun stuff! I wish I'd had a chance to participate this time.

Julian Hummer said...

Mr. Gurney my name is Julian Hummer and i was wondering if you could post my uncles picture his name is Robert Hummer. I was wondering if you could post it so i can show my mom and brother.