Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ranger Rick, April 2008

The April issue of Ranger Rick magazine devotes eight pages to a portfolio from Dinotopia: Journey to Chandara, exploring how dinosaurs help humans and vice versa. There's also a page with an exclusive feature: "Where did the idea for Dinotopia come from, anyway?"

Ranger Rick is my favorite nature magazine, and this issue has plenty of other fun stuff, like advice on how to properly skip a stone, catch a frog, make a dandelion chain, and whistle with a blade of grass. Do any of those things, and you'll know that spring is here at last.


Anonymous said...

I grew up on Ranger Rick and couldn't wait for each issue to arrive. I'm glad it's still in publication and that your work is being shown in it.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome - I loved that magazine as a kid. I know I'd have been thrilled to see a piece on Dinotopia back when I still got it.

Anonymous said...

That's great!

What is the large teal and purple dinosaur to the right in the bottom middle image? Giganotosaurus? I checked my book because I couldn't remember seeing it there (got it last week!), and I noticed your painting is cut off on the right side, meaning Mr. Dino has no head. Awww.

James Gurney said...

Very observant of you, Heather.

That painting in its full cropping was originally done for a greeting card that I designed. It shows a Tyrannosaurus in bright colors joining the parade of kids (what was I thinking?!). When I reused the image in Journey to Chandara, I deliberately cropped his head to avoid the obvious question: what is that tyrannosaur doing in the parade?

Sarah Stevenson said...

It's great to see Ranger Rick is still around--I remember getting that as a kid. Congrats on being featured in it!