Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Artists Blog Search

Merci to the Artist's Blog Search for listing Gurney Journey among its 500 hand-picked art blogs. This is a Google-powered search engine devoted solely to art blogs, so if you're researching a particular art-related topic, you'll get much more focused results. (Link).


Anonymous said...

I have a bone to pick with this site (Artists Search, not Gurney Journey)... While it sounds like a great idea, I can't get behind an organization that aims to support artists, and then -steals- someone's work for their logo!

If you'll take another look at the brush/palette logo, you'll notice the letters "STO" in the reflection, as well as a faint diagonal line running through the image: this is because the logo was lifted from iStockphoto (http://www.istockphoto.com/file_closeup/how/style_and_design/icons/2897033_art_icons.php?id=2897033)!

And to think they could've bought the rights to use it... for a mere $10.00

Sad, really

Anonymous said...

That link again:
iStockphoto: Stock Vector - art icons

Cory Miller said...

Anonymous, my company does work for the company behind Artists Search Blog ....

We used the watermarked comp to show the client a mockup for approval and in the process did not get the purchased icons for the final version (which were purchased on March 13 from iStockPhoto) on the final uploaded logo for our client.

In the past we have purchased hundreds of credits. And will continue to purchase credits for use of this type of work. We always want to do things ethically, professionally and legally, and this is also the insistence of our client as well.

This was an honest error on our part, not our clients. We have uploaded the purchased version of the icons.

We believe in and support the rights of designers to get paid for their work. It is not our practice to steal anyone's work. Again, we apologize for this honest error.

If you have any questions, including our iStockPhoto account and purchase history, please let me know ... my email is corymiller303@gmail.com.


Clint,Nikki & Lincoln said...

Can I ask where you got your inspiration for the Grandfather in your painting with the grandfather in the attic with his grandson reading national geographic magazines? the grandfather is the splitting image of my late father inlaw even down to the expression on his face his glasses and the way he is sitting. His kids have been blown away by the likeness so we thought wed get in touch.
Thank you

James Gurney said...

Clint, Nikki and Lincoln, the model for the grandfather was Don Kallop of Rhinebeck, who has since passed. That's amazing that he looks like your late father inlaw.