Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mark O'Connor

I'm in Boston today with my wife Jeanette, and we'll be heading to Pennsylvania tonight.

On Thursday we enjoyed the music of the great violinist Mark O'Connor. Here's a sketch in watercolor that I did from the second row of his performance/lecture, arranged by the Harvard College American Music Association. I used a couple of hollow-handled brush pens and a very tiny watercolor set all balanced discreetly, but dangerously, in my lap.

I made this sketch yesterday during Mark's improvisation workshop, which our son attended with his accordion. I'm using watercolor again in the Moleskine drawing book. This paper has a heavy weight and a smooth texture, but it's really not made for watercolor, so the washes tended to bead up at first.

More on Mark O'Connor, Link.
Dan Gurney, Link
Moleskine sketchbook blog, Link.


Mary Ann Archibald said...

I have been a fan of Mark O'Connor since I first heard the music from the Appalachian Waltz and Appalachian Journey CDs. If I only had one CD that I could listen to for the rest of my life, either one of them would suit me just fine. I bet the concert was fantastic! These watercolours are wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing them -- almost as good as going to the show.

Unknown said...

The drawing in the Moleskin drawing book could have been made by Rien Poortvliet. Best regards, William (Belgium)